How do I get access to the eBook after I pay?

As soon as you enter your financial information on Paypal or Stripe, you should see a button which says “Return to Merchant”. Once you click the button, you’ll automatically be redirected to SendOwl’s (the merchant where you download the eBook) download page. SendOwl also automatically sends you the download link to your email address. See sample screenshot below:

From there, you’ll see a total of four PDF files (1) eBook; 2) Google Groups’ Instructions; 3) Google Drive Instructions; and 4) Review Checklist).

If you’re only interested in downloading the eBook, you don’t need the other files. The three other files are instructions for joining the many-to-many coaching forum with uploadable content accessible via Google Drive.

I am confused. Do I use SendOwl, Paypal, or Stripe to purchase the eBook?

SendOwl is the third party company I use to make my digital product downloadable to the public. You cannot download the eBook or any other digital material with Paypal or Stripe.

Paypal or Stripe is the payment merchant that processes your payment information before you can even download the eBook package. Once your payment has been verified and cleared – usually within a matter of seconds – the eBook package will be available for download via SendOwl.

How secured is my information on SendOwl, Paypal, Stripe, and Reborn Hair PPP?

First, neither SendOwl nor Reborn Hair PPP has access or even stores your financial information. All such information is stored on Paypal’s or Stripe’s highly secured web servers.

Second, SSL certificate is added as an extra layer of security to protect your personal information from malicious activity.

Can women also benefit from your program?

ABSOLUTELY! Just check out the amazing before and after pictures of Whitnee. Women’s hair loss is usually the result of hypothyroidism or hormonal imbalances. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is also a common cause. Luckily, as a female, hair regrowth is easier to correct with diet and lifestyle changes than it’s for a male.

Will I be charged extra transaction fees by SendOwl, Paypal, or Stripe?

NO. SendOwl doesn’t charge any fees since it’s not a payment collector. Similarly, Paypal or Stripe doesn’t charge any buyer fees. Only the seller – me in this instance – will incur a seller transaction fee from Paypal or Stripe.

Do I need a Paypal or Stripe account to pay?

No. You can simply enter your financial information as a “guest” by selecting the credit/debit card option as notated on the screenshot below:

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

Using Paypal:

Your credit card statement might show the following names:


Or if using Stripe (the credit card icon option):


The name variations for Paypal are due to character limitations imposed by the payment merchant depending on which credit card company you use. I have no control over changing these limitations and I tried my best to include as many characters as possible in a consistent format.


Can I use my mobile device (cell phone or tablet) to pay and download the package?

The short answer: Yes!

The recommended answer: No!

If you’re looking for a smooth, hiccup-free transaction, we recommend that you download the eBook package on your computer. Due to the large file size, you may encounter technological downtime if you use a mobile device over a WiFi network.


Please Read The Following Two FAQs

What is Value Added Tax (VAT) and do I have to pay for it?

VAT is a tax, like sales tax in the U.S., placed on the value of a product. It’s only imposed as part of the final sales price to buyers located outside the U.S. AND who belong to any of the 28 member states of the European Union (EU).

It’s NOT a HIDDEN FEE nor is it additional revenue I am pocketing.

VAT is a regulatory requirement mandated by the European Union Commission for any businesses, like myself, located in the U.S. selling digital products overseas.

For a list of the 28 countries affected by VAT, click here. If you want to know more about why sellers, like myself, need to comply and charge VAT to EU buyers, click here.

If VAT deters you from buying my book, even though I am required to remit the VAT payment to the EU at the end of each quarter, email me.

If I am a non-U.S. buyer, what currency do I use to purchase your eBook package?

The price is listed in USD ($). When you’re ready to buy, you’ll pay using your own currency. There might be a very small conversion fee due to the currency exchange rate, but the actual value will not change.

Product and Service

What type of hair loss can be reversed with your natural methods?

Up to this point, my propositions and the recommendations in the eBook package are only targeting androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male and female pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is believed to account for 95 percent of hair loss cases and can also patternize as diffuse thinning.

The eBook is not meant to treat other types of hair loss, such as telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, or hair loss caused by autoimmune disorders and certain cancers.

When in doubt, consult with your physician to accurately know what type of hair loss you have.  If you’re still unsure or cannot see a doctor due to financial and self-esteem issues, there’s a 95 percent certainty your hair loss probably falls under AGA.

Using your methods, how long does it take to regrow hair?

That answer will depend on several considerations. First, one must consider the severity or degree of loss. A Norwood 1 male or female will have an easier or shorter regrowth period than a Norwood 4 male or female.

The second most important consideration is applying a holistic, synergistic regimen advocated in the eBook that encompasses a multi-layered approach. With that comes expeditious hair progression in a shorter time frame.

And thirdly, trying your ultimate best to disassociate yourself from the very same hair loss contributors (click here to take you to the hair loss causes roadmap) will constantly put your body in balance for faster recovery.

Generally, if these types of considerations are concretely practiced, presuming your hair loss is not too severe (greater than a Norwood 4), you could expect measurable results in as little as three months. At the six month mark, your previous vellus gains will look more pronounced and in some cases, you can achieve full regrowth.

Generally, in most cases, especially if natural medicine is what we’re talking about here, expect full regrowth or an immoderate amount of improvement at the twelve month mark. Though, in more extreme cases, especially if more than 60 percent of your hair follicles are destroyed, the regrowth period be longer than one year.

In the end, I know you might be thinking to yourselves, the longer than expected regrowth period is nonsense; but let me tell you, I am here to speak the TRUTH! I would rather give conservative and HONEST estimates than overpromise like most phony marketing hair promoters do just to get a hold of your money.

False promises don’t resonate within me and neither should you be a victim of them.

Why does it take so much damn time to regrow lost hair?

Think about it from an analytical view. It took YEARS before you starting noticing thinning…then hair loss…then bigger bald spots. Just like hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, the same for hair regrowth.

Remember, hair loss is a SYMPTOM for something larger that’s happening inside our bodies. That “something” could very well be an unnoticeable, but serious illness we categorize as normal, especially when we unknowingly grow into it innately.

Some perfect examples of small tell-tale signs we probably take for granted are leaky gut and the expulsion of pervasive inflammation, insulin resistance, thyroid abnormalities, and nutritional deficiencies.

Over time, if we miss these “wake up calls”, the bad news is calcification and fibrosis will rot and cements our soft/elastic scalp tissue where our hair resides. What you get is ongoing inflammation engulfing the hair bulbs making it twice as hard to reverse hair loss. If it gets to that point, the process obviously happened systematically.

Thus, it makes sense to correct the underlying problem – baldness – a systematic, rescissory process must take place to resurrect dormant hair follicles.

Systematically, since there are many pieces that make up the hair puzzle, by default, it makes clear sense why hair growth is a big time investment.

Why do think my model is based on Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance? I’ll have you answer that on your own.

Can I still benefit from your eBook and program if I don't have hair loss?

Of course you can!

The eBook and my program are designed to give you the maximum amount of nutrition from whole foods. You”ll know which specific types of foods are problematic and beneficial to your thyroid and your overall physiological state.

You’ll also get access to a colorful nutritional content display of more than 150 foods in order to more easily meet your nutritional demands. It’s enveloped with granularity and comprehensibility to give you the nutritional facts of even less known commodities, such as buckwheat flour.

And if you’re still stumped on how to construct your dietary schedule, no need for displeasure. My macroscopic and microscopic 80/20 dietary meal schedule is all you need to jump start your health to the next level.

Pristine health starts with good hormone production and good hormone production begins with a selective, wholesome, and well-balanced diet offered in my educational eBook and program.