The Time Has FINALLY Come!

Are you losing your hair and tried almost everything to get it back without much success? Is your health not in good shape because of a poor diet? Do people make fun of you because of the way your hair looks? Do you feel reclusive, scared, depressed, and paranoid due to balding and/or bad health?

Well the good news is you don’t have to feel hopeless or at a loss anymore. I’ve been in your shoes for quite some time now (more than 5 years) experimenting through trial and error with dozens of treatments that failed to produce satisfactory gains.

Although, at that time I felt upset, frustrated, confused, and self-less, this stormy journey wasn’t wasted. It was fruitful in giving me the strong knowledge base and expertise to create an inspirational, educational, enlightening, and robust program called Reborn Hair PPP!

And if you’re wondering what the PPP stands for it stands for Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance. I chose this mnemonic because it’s the only motto that got me through my battles. You can think of it as a “power vitamin” or a helpful reminder to overcome any failures or insurmountable challenges.

I felt compelled to create Reborn Hair PPP because I don’t want any of you to make the same mistakes as I did. Whether you long for finding answers or are content, I can tell you the best regimens that worked for me and my clientele.

That’s what Reborn Hair PPP will do for you. It’s a cornerstone for sharing our success stories and most importantly, helping you get your hair and health back


Toxic Supplements

Fake Testimonials

Costly Surgeries

Shallow Advice

Messy Topicals

Unproven Theories

Artificial Shampoos

Nasty Drugs

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For your benefit, if you grab a copy of my eBook you’ll be eligible to join our Facebook group at no additional cost where you’ll have the opportunity to network with many like-minded individuals. This many-to-many coaching platform is the only resource you need to jump start your endeavors for finding the best alternative natural treatments for regrowing your hair and health!

All our welcome! If you want to make a positive difference in your lives and especially in the alopecia community, JOIN NOW!

And this is just the beginning of an enchanted opportunity where all you can ask for is EXCELLENCE based on the number of perfection – 7! With Reborn Hair PPP, success is harvested on 7 perfect unique traits:


Considering hair loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, Reborn Hair PPP looks after your financial interests at its core best. My eBook and services come with an unmatchable, unbeatable, reasonable, and non-discriminatory price no other competitor can offer.

And did I forget to say, no strings attached or any hidden fees? Pay one time for the program without the headache of recurring charges. Plus, you get lifetime book updates for FREE!


Most information nowadays are not organized, consolidated, and disseminated clearly and seamlessly. Scrambling, sifting, and constantly reading line after line page after page is exhausting and tedious. No matter how voluminous and complex a study may be, my short read articles guarantees an average read time of 5 minutes and no more than 7 minutes!


I strive for innovation making sure my content is updated continuously with the latest and greatest! Nobody likes outdated information. It’s dull, irrelevant, and frankly useless! Looking for groundbreaking news or the most recent updates in the hair loss field, then Reborn Hair PPP is a perfect landing spot for your exploratory endeavors.


All theories, recommendations, methodologies, and articles are based on scientific studies published by renowned sources, such as PubMed and Journal of Dermatology. You’re getting the best of the best of credence!  


I am as real and sincere as it gets. Any user submitted before and after photos to the best of my knowledge aren’t obscure and photoshopped like most marketing businesses display on their website for any hair cosmetic product (e.g. shampoos, oils, creams, drugs, etc.)! To the best of my knowledge, all photos are rawunfabricated, and unenhanced. Participants of my program are not paid for showcasing their before and after photos. You won’t get any better than these classic state-of-the-art photos at its grand finest.


No fake or paid testimonials! No incompetent, shallow advice! I follow the Golden rule and treat every person like they are my own with utmost respect, satisfactions, benevolence, and the trust they deserve!

Just look at some of the positive commentary on my YouTube Channel here. Those can’t be manipulated with money or robotically produced because each YouTuber is a unique, real person. My goal is to establish rapport with every person I encounter.

Customer satisfaction is my number on priority. If for some reason, you feel displeased or disappointed, I am happy and open to any suggestions you may have. I want you to feel like yourself and express your thoughts in candor to continuously build and improve upon our work within the hair and health community.


I am a simple, REAL, and down to earth average Joe with just more personality. You can communicate to me in any fashion you like, even if your English is broken. Under no circumstance, will there be any room for judgment, hounding, and offensive remarks. If I sense an abusive tone in anyone’s conversation, I first warn the provoker before reprimanding him or her. On the second offense, they will lose access rights for posting comments. That’s how serious I take the issue of vulgarity leaving absolute no wiggle room for institutionalization!

I work twice as hard making sure all my emails, content, comments, and support are hospitable. I respect everyone’s human rights and cultural/religious background. Rest assured, you can feel comfortable talking to me like you do with your parents.

As hard this may sound, there’s no reason why you should feel worried speaking to me about your health and hair concerns. I’ve been in your shoes for quite a long time now (6 years suffering from hair loss), so I can definitely sympathize and emphasize with your agony.

And if you want to remain in your shell, there’s no pressure to come out. You have every right to be an introvert if that’s what makes you feel comfortable.

In the end, I want to establish better relationships with my fan base. I can only be a part of that by personably forming a well-grounded fellowship from your openness!


Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves through the Emancipation Proclamation. My goal is to free ALL forms of poverty! Humanitarianism is my vehicle for making others feel bigger and important in a world clouded with materialism, greed, and famine. Giving back to the community is just as important to me as my relationship with God. I care about serving the public capaciously rather than be served! My service comes in three motivating conducts:

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    Offering high-quality, superb, one-to-one, and immense support!

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    Tithing at least 10% of my earnings to churches and impoverished communities, especially to third world countries!

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Nothing hurts me more than to still see the prevalence of poverty grow exponentially every year. There shouldn’t even be poverty to begin with. Distribution of wealth is corrupt and disoriented. I am sick and tired of seeing money in the wrong hands. I am disgusted and vehemently aggravated of how much money we waste on stupidity and vanity!

All the billions we donate to charity, and yet poverty is still ubiquitous? Hmmm…smells insidious to me. As my mother would also say, “Joe, if you want something done, do it yourself!”

With or without your togetherness, I am determined at all costs to fulfill my ultimate purpose in life:


One day, I know my covenant with God will be satisfied – donating 90% not 10% of my income.