Stunned? Confused? Overwhelmed?

Don’t worry.

I had those very same feelings 5 years ago, when all I heard from my doctor and outsiders was “you’re losing your hair because of excess Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).”

Wish that was the case because drugs like Propecia and Rogaine would be a worldwide CURE!

But unfortunately, they aren’t! They’re just good in further deforming your sexual drive, hair, physical appearance, social interest, blood flow, breathing, and a monumental shopping list of other attributes.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine!

Just read these two credible excerpts from ABC News and MedicineNet on the dangerous side effects of using Propecia and Rogaine.

That should suffice to speak for itself!


As you can see from the ostentatious road map, there are a chain of events that commence before we can blame DHT as the ultimate causative factor of baldness. DHT is just one tiny piece to the mysterious hair loss puzzle we’ve been hunting down for more than a century’s worth of time.

We have to start shifting our focus elsewhere outside of the ingrained proclamation that our genetic predisposition to DHT is what destroys our hair. This way of thinking is certainly not the true answer because baldness is still prevalent with or without DHT inhibiting drugs.


As you can tell, my view on hair loss is much different than mainstream’s perspective. I like to think of hair loss as a puzzle or Rubik’s Cube. In order to solve the puzzle or Rubik’s Cube, you need to make sure all the pieces fit correctly or all the colors match.

If you one piece is missing or there’s a color mismatch, your puzzle will be incomplete. Unfortunately, solving hair loss is a bigger puzzle that doesn’t come in a quick fix or a one size fits all solution like most marketing companies promise.

Any company making these bold claims I like to call “embellishments” in the form of magical creams, shampoos, certain topicals, drugs, and certain supplements without any scientific proof should be blacklisted.

They’re simply in the business of making a quick profit, especially from those who are uneducated about the real causes of hair loss and want a quick solution.

There are no shortcuts!

There isn’t a magical pill or oil to regrow hair let alone in a very short period of time!


Because hair loss is multi-factorial and the hair follicle is one of the most complex mini-organs we own. Think about it. Just like losing your hair doesn’t happen overnight, regrowing it will take twice as long. It’s just a fact of Mother Nature. You can’t grow a tree overnight, can you?

Why does it take so much damn time to regrow hair?

I must have asked this question about a million times. Well, think of a single hair follicle containing many intertwined components just like an automobile. If one tiny component is missing, dysfunctional, or broken, a new hair follicle cannot begin to grow unless if the problem is identified and fixed.

Think of these components as switches or levers that play a significant role in neogenesis, which is the formation of new hair follicles (more on this later). Before hair loss becomes apparent, a series of events take place potentially turning off any one or more of these switches. If they’re turned off too long because of a harmful “trigger”, the hair suffocates and balding soon follows thereafter. The challenge is identifying the “trigger” or series of events that gave rise to hair loss.

Luckily, thank the heavens, I already spent the last 5 years in the trenches reading article after article… page after page… study after study…to comprehensibly compact a simple to follow flowchart. It’s a perfect starting and ending point for identifying those mysterious hair loss triggers that are mainly overlooked and covertly vocalized upon a doctor’s visit.