Do You Want To Finally Reverse Hair Loss, Regrow Static Hairs, And Overall Feel Better More Than Before?


With more than 5 years of experimental, scientific research, my eBook uncovers the real reasons we lose our hair and health and how to correct these losses holistically with step-by-step instructions.

Say Goodbye To...

Toxic Supplements

Costly Surgeries

Messy Topicals

Artificial Shampoos

Fake Testimonials

Shallow Advice

Unproven Theories

Expensive Drugs



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What If I Don't Need To Regrow My Hair?

If hair loss is irrelevant, use the eBook for improving and sustaining your overall health!

More Than 20 Pictorial Recipes

Includes more than 20 healthy food recipes and my macro and micro daily meal schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Nutrition Facts Of Over 150 Foods

With a densely organized inventory of nutrition facts for more than 150 foods, monitoring your daily nutritional needs will no longer be a nuisance and a time constraint!

Optimal Thyroid Health

Learn how to test your thyroid completely from TSH, FT3, FT4, Reverse T3 to body temperature to find any hidden abnormalities not detected on standardized TSH tests.

Top 14 Reasons This Ebook Will Exceed Your Interests!


No Drugs, Supplements, Or Nasty Surgeries

The remedies advocated in the eBook are 100% natural, safe, holistic, and synergistic without breaking your savings account


No Strings Attached

There are NO costly surprises that come in the form of monthly subscriptions or fine print restrictions


Scientifically Validated

The clinical, credible, and well-researched methodologies are supported by eminent medical sources, like PubMed and Mayo Clinic


Genuine Before And After Pics

NO photoshopped, obscure, or manipulated images. What you see, are true, unaltered, and immaculate photos. See the live collage here


No Incompetent, Shallow Advice

The proof is in the pudding. Surely, writing a 300 plus page eBook, which took more than 700 hours to compile, is not a task you can do overnight


Free One-To-One Unlimited Coaching

An additional FREE service rendered on my own private forum and email exchanges to track your progress in the right direction is an unmatchable service NO other competitor offers


5 Years Of Experimental Research

I had to test, research, and try countless methods that failed miserably to produce satisfactory results for 5 long years before arriving at a proven system.

Luckily, you don’t have to be the genie pig and spend thousands of dollars experimenting with innumerable products only to be left with guilt, frustration, and cluelessness. I did that work for you quite thoroughly


An Encyclopedia On Steroids

Taking great strides to produce a high-quality, comprehensive, robust, and user-friendly eBook will make your lives 10 times easier!

This wealth of information is an up-to-date database of accredited sources, invaluable knowledge, and dynamic experiments that can transform you into a scholar


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It’s impossible for me to rip you off, take your money, and leave you shorthanded without the digital product


Inexpensive Price

With a $49.99 price tag, you can literally buy two meals with a drink and desert at a restaurant. I am deliberately making it simply affordable without any contention, animosity, or the notion that I am financially taking advantage of you.

I want everyone to get their hairs and health back without making any financial excuses.

My reputation, the long lasting relationships I establish with you, and your loyalty is more important than charging a few more dollars.

If I run out of breath, I might raise the price still fairly


Macro And Micro View Of The Most Nutritious Foods

Living a healthy life can be stressful. There are so many nuances to consider. You might be asking yourself, which foods are the densest for meeting my nutritional demands? Or even a simple stupefaction as defining the true definition of healthiness.

With a detailed blueprint of more than 20 food recipes, my 80/20 dietary meal schedule, and a nutritional guide of more than 150 foods, those thought-provoking questions will no longer be an obstacle. What you have is Joe doing ALL the shopping and food training for you to live constantly in good health


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No Hidden Fees

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Network With Other Members

Become a member of our Facebook Group and network with other people to build a community. By participating, you won’t be left in the gutter; you won’t be left alone in the dark not knowing if you’re on the right track.

This cloud-based communication channel is simply a network where you have the freedom to lurk, contribute, upload before and after pictures, and exchange ideas even with the best responders.

Sharing each other’s photographic progress and “picking” our minds to better track our progress more intuitively and intimately already gives us a head start in the game

Don't Feel Like Jumping The Gun Just Yet?

There’s no shame in that! I get it! Before getting a soft copy, you want to touch, see, and get a good feel of the book’s contents beyond just its cover page. I hear you.

So, I managed to satisfy your curiosity by including a free sample, which includes chapters talking about some of the causes behind hair loss, background of my entire story, before and after pics, and much more.

Click the download button now to get a FREE sample!


Lesson #1

The widespread belief is baldness can only be reversed through drugs, such as Propecia and Minoxidil. This lesson puts aside the hair loss drama and disproves drugs as a one number solution for all our problems, even in more serious illnesses.

The lesson focuses on five real life-and-death success stories who permanently defeated their appalling health battles without drug use. These survivors defying the impossible are ambassadors of incorporating a holistic, healthy, and pure lifestyle proving that anything is accomplishable, even something less life-threatening as hair loss!

Lesson #2

Debunks the medical teachings that baldness is due to tissue and serum (blood) dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There’s more to than meets the eye of DHT. DHT is only one type of cause behind crummy hair. This lesson bridges the gap between the propaganda entrusted by medical experts and the true science as a whole unit of the body of why we lose our hair and health.

Unfortunately, profiteering is at large for these institutionalized health corporations, so the media will never EVER be frank and honest about the truth!

Lesson #3

This one explains it all. A macro snapshot listing of the frequencies, intensities, efficacies, safeties, and scientific and anecdotal sources of each treatment I used for hair and health restoration.

You’ll know what worked and what didn’t from a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most effective and the most safe to use.

Lesson #4

This lesson is assembled into one grouping here. In the eBook, it’s actually bifurcated across many lessons outlined in an organized “1 2 3 4 5” step-by-step fashion of the different methods I incorporated into my regimen. The outline is formatted instructionally and systematically to “hold your hand” in case you trip on a “rock”- the rock being confusion or blind experimentation.

The lesson is presented beginning with: 1) a clinical background of each method; 2) the correct procedures for use; 3) the best place for purchase; 4) the time period for replacement; and 5) the rest period for full recovery.

Moreover, you’ll get the chance to finally fully understand the scientific mechanisms of regrowing dormant hairs and overcoming the challenges of health despair!