My Inspiring Hair Loss Story

Never give up!

The Story of A Young Crusader Named Joe

As you probably know, my name is Joe, and I solely founded Reborn Hair PPP. Transparency is part of my DNA, so I think sharing my story briefly is important for reinstituting hope, especially for those deeply wounded by the tragedies of hair loss.

When people ask me who’s Reborn Hair PPP or why I chose that name, the answer is not so straight forward. Reborn Hair PPP is technically my business name, but it has more substance and meaning than a legal entity. It’s an inspiring story of my life where I was once lost, but now found. The name is a profound symbolism of:



Prayer, Patience, Perseverance (PPP) 

Enlightenment for better discernment

Resurrection from near death experiences

Proving the impossible is in fact possible

That’s why I willfully chose it to serve as a reminder NOT TO QUIT no matter how defenseless or useless you may feel during your hair or health recovery journey.

As my story will unfold, I was a split second away from ending my life, until divine intervention rescued me from my inescapable pain! That was when the birth of a new and improved Joe became the epitome of who I am today – Reborn Hair PPP!

Before I divulge any more spoilers, let’s take a road trip back in time during my young college years…

Warning some parts are intensely emotional!

I can vividly remember on my 24th birthday, my hair didn’t look the same as it did in prior years. When a couple months elapsed and I started my first accounting job, I revisited my appearance in the mirror. When I homed in on my physical appearance, I noticed a shocking blow in how much hair I lost!!! Parting my hair in different directions looked as if it was mowed down in a diffuse pattern.

As a 24 year old, hair loss was real! I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do next. I was mortified to even confront a hair care specialist or dermatologist. Just the thought alone was frightening as I didn’t want them to think less of me.

At that time, my social interests were completely shattered. I was extremely disconnected from the outside world and I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. Part of me felt as though I had leprosy, only without the physical, rotten deformations. The Joe who was once revered by his loved ones as upbeat and outgoing, became a completely different person – melancholic!

Because hair loss got the best of me, I constantly had suicidal thoughts desperately crying aloud every night to the Almighty. How can He who’s so interested in how many hairs you have allow such a horrific suffering eat every aspect of my identitymy self-esteemmy quality of lifemy will power?

I told myself, I can sit and cry all day and nothing will ever be the same or accept my condition and actively find a resolution by TAN (Taking Action Now). So, I had nothing to lose and did just that – I TANned!

My Hellish Journey

For four grueling years, I searched diligently and tried various products only to be left with much disappointment. Here’s a rundown list of the treatments I’ve tried:


And can you guess the total amount I spent? Yep, a staggering…




As you can see from the table, my hair recovery using a laundry list of products was a colossal failure! I spent over $2,000 on treatments over the course of four years only to get negligible hair improvement. I know the number displayed in the chart above is a precise number. After all, I am a CPA who values accuracy, reliability, and honesty. I just didn’t want to slap on a rounded number from thin air because that would be misleading.

If I only read this staggering tagline a couple years ago, my trouble, misery, and more than $2,000 would’ve been spared!

Words couldn’t describe how I felt during those four ugly and humiliating years. I wanted to end my life then and there. I sweated “blood”, wasted four years of my life, and spent my hard earned money down the drain only to experience more abandonment, despondency, and emptiness! Without question, that was the darkest moment of my life!

A Will Made of Steel

But something inside me kept telling me this wasn’t the end. That inner voice lifted me up from the “dungeon” I was living in and pushed me to persevere until I found the answer I was looking for.

And when I kept tenaciously searching on Google for more credible hair loss solutions, I clashed into several notable, empirical ideologies. I also read more anecdotes on hair loss forums and watched a plethora of YouTube success videos to recharge my hopelessness.

The findings made logical sense, but I didn’t want my thirst for finding the truth to end just yet. I became more determined than ever by God’s saving grace and strength to:







To me, knowledge is power. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice of “drowning in the waters” by quickly jumping in without fully knowing if I am capable of swimming.

Instead of just buying that new cutting edge hair growth marketing product that comes out every year, I used professional skepticism and thought twice before blindly offering my credit card. I did my due diligence by validating any purported statements against the clinical medical database.

If there wasn’t a study or evidence-based paper, my interest in that hyped up hair “cure” product as the marketers usually deceptively say, would hastily dissolve.

Over the next two years of my hair loss journey, I have educated myself dynamically across the medical board. I read like there was no tomorrow across many prominent platforms studying about all the processes involved just to develop a single adorable hair follicle. Indirectly, digging in the hair loss literature was compulsory for me to learn about the human body holistically!

And so, I was bedazzled to find out that hair loss falls under three misconceptions:

Misconception #1: Losing Your Hair Is An Ailment!

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Hair loss is a symptom of something bigger that lies from within, like an ailment (e.g. thyroid disorders, type 2 diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, etc.), disturbing your body's energy for balance.

Misconception #2: Losing Your Hair Is Normal!

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The whole ``hair loss is normal`` paradigm is a big lie. It’s NOT, let me recycle, NOT NATURAL TO LOSE YOUR HAIR, PERIOD! If it was, then tooth decay should be considered natural.

Misconception #3: Hair Loss Is Fixable Using One Approach

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Hair is an INTERCONNECTED ORGAN, despite what most marketers and medical practitioners advocate. As such, hair cannot function and grow properly if health isn't at its core best. Hair loss, thus, cannot be targeted UNILATERALLY! This is why most alopecia victims aren’t seeing sustainable and heightened gains!

If there was one big learning lesson I can extract during those four awful, hellish years of trial and error experiments it was this:

Trying to resolve hair loss with a single-handed remedy is almost as worse as doing nothing!

Take my learning experiment as a hardcore lesson and don’t make the fatal common mistake others make when they first notice hair thinning – applying one individual solution at a time without a heterogeneous combination of other promising methods.

When my mind travels back in time, in a way, I thank my heavenly Father for my gruesome four year back-and-forth experiments. It was the first chapter in my life of truly understanding my full self, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and perseverance. It was as they say, a blessing in disguise.

Those four barbaric years might at first glance seem like a loss; but I now see it as a win! I became stronger and keenly knowledgeable about my surroundings. My senses were enkindled vigilantly to the point where I now can smell a scam artist before becoming the prey.

Using the versatile knowledge I’ve gained from the multitude of articles I’ve read, I developed a versatile system for ARRESTING HAIR LOSS AND BAD HEALTH in deep grounds that’s:

Thin eBook FINAL Used For Website

Curious to know more?

The Birth Of A New Joe

Over the course of two years, my health drastically improved and I was able to regrow all my hair at the crown and 80 percent at my temples.

I know two years is a long time. But when you change your perception of the arduous, monumental task at hand, the process of regrowing your hair actually feels quicker than before.

Rather than view hair loss from an emotional stance, I viewed it as starting a business from the ground up. Every time I saw a new vellus hair, even though it was a slow process, it was a pinch of hope; an insignia of “acquiring a new customer for my business.”

I kept telling myself, “I’ll not close down my business so long as if I continue to see results.” Massaging my thoughts with positivity was therapeutic in making this hair loss journey less cumbersome and more forward-looking.

In the midst of all my trials and tribulations and the milestones I achieved, I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I learned that by accepting my condition with humility, my paranoia, trepidation, and obsession dissipated. I learned how determined one must be to taste success.

That determination stemmed from the motto I live by each day – Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance!

I no longer was the man living in solitary confinement mentally plagued by terror and rage. The hardships of living in a constant zone of depression was decapitated. I felt re-baptized, reborn, and rejuvenated into another mind, body, and spirit. A new, refined version of Joe shined as a beaming bright light at the forefront of a dark tunnel.

That light symbolized the genealogy of:

Reborn Hair PPP!

From that point on, my gut told me this was my calling to do more for humanity. That’s why I founded Reborn Hair PPP. To share my entire success and life story restoring hope for the melancholics.

Building a place of refuge for those rattled by the unexplainable pains and frustration of pattern baldness and problematic health is what I hope to accomplish.

For me: if I can’t be or make a profound change in this world, I have no purpose in living!

I am hoping with fervent optimism, an analytical mindset, and a hearty heart I can help revolutionize your lives by not having you ever worry about the quality of your hair and health!